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Why is Premonition Technology Critical?

 Copyright (c) 2000 RDFollendore III

Our answer to this question is that like Virtual Private Networking, Premonition has the capability to fundamentally change the nature of the Internet from the perspective of the users as well as the delivery context of the service/content providers.   The following strategic facts are included within this statement.


  1. The ten competitive dimensions exploited within the Internet include…
    1. Operational Bandwidth (Concerning how much can be delivered.)
    2. Physical and Logical Access  (About where and how access takes place.)
    3. Physical and Logical Control (Associated with who and what is allowed.)
    4. Linking and Redirection (Related to second order pathways.)
    5. Entertainment and Content (For fun, interest, and need)
    6. Analysis and Feedback  (About perspective and change.)
    7. Billing and Transaction Processing  (About economics and accounting.)
    8. Customization (Concerning simplification and appropriate ease of use.) 
    9. Communication  (Delivering presentations at the right moment.)
    10. Security and Privacy (Delivering presentations to the right individuals and groups.)
  2. Every one of these ten dimensions depends on the relationship between data, information and knowledge, where; 
    1. Data makes up Information
    2. Information makes up Knowledge
  3. An eleventh area that has not been adequately exploited is granularity, primarily because granularity must be secure and flexible to be controllable and useful.  Until Premonition, the finer the granularity the more complex and less flexible the control process.  Because of this, the Premonition functional matrix cuts across each of the ten competitive dimensions in a fundamental way to change the competitive economic balance.


Premonition will act as the fundamental control and cost effective matrix between the Internet infrastructure and the user environment.  For instance, operational bandwidth will be improved in part because less searching and browsing will be necessary to acquire the correct data, information and knowledge.  This means that links can be better managed and directed which will improve user customization and redirection. Security and privacy is greatly enhanced because finer grain logical control means that physical control can be enhanced with far more individual independently protected parts.  The information induced by a general control process means that better real time analysis and feedback can be securely delivered for customized central and decentralized control, billing and transaction processing.  This means that different arrangements of data, information and knowledge as well as physical control can be managed.  Moreover, this changes the contextual and economic nature of content and entertainment.

Why Premonition?  Premonition technology will shape the choice of economic opportunities.  Because of Premonition, change will be rapidly taking place along this innovation path.  Premonition based solutions represent the next generation of ubiquitous technical control that will be used by competitors. 




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