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So what does one do when driving home from work?  When you wake up in the night with a thought what do you do with it? Have you trained yourself to just forget and move on, or do you capture the little gems that are interesting for later reference or perhaps some future conversation?  I choose to capture these moments in words and discuss them.  My thoughts may concern news and/or even some ambient thought that I feel some need to express.  This is what it means to be a natural journalist and my reasons for documenting my ideas are many... 

Thinking is not enough...  Thinking is not necessarily the exploration of thought.  Consider the statement...

We think and therefore we are thoughtful.  

A good thought may be a wonderful thing in and of itself, but in practice this is a statement that is decidedly untrue.  Are we only truly thoughtful just because we think? It is obvious that there are many less than thoughtful people who think. The thought does not necessarily follow the thinking and simply to think does not make us thoughtful. Who and what we are as thinkers makes up by our ability to make sense of ourselves and our surrounding noise within which we exist. Only by remaining outside the envelope of automatic stimulus response can we be truly thoughtful.  We can not do this if we choose not to consciously differentiate between noise and knowledge. 

It is just too easy to naturally slide through life without thinking beyond what we directly experience. Too many people around us do that. But this duality between our automatic mode and our self directed mode does exist and as a consequence of our intentions. We are both what we are and never completely what we intend to be.  The context of our observations is the great paradox that involved in living a good life. The thoughtful man moves both forward and back in space and time.  On one hand, in order to think for oneself one must become the stimuli for some else's automatic intellectual reaction. On the other, to be thoughtful requires the creative and total contemplation of perspective.  

This section of the website contains numerous essays and writings dedicated to establishing a commentary about a variety of ideas, concepts and world events taking place around us that are all somehow related to the idea of Noise to Knowledge.  One paper might seem to speak about the failure of public policies while another speaks of some seemingly trivial ability of human beings to hold on to failed ideas. The truly considerate person knows that these are actually one in the same. They are powerful congruent concepts that are part of the process related to our personal as well as our cultural management of noise.  These are parts of our stream of consciousness. Perhaps and hopefully there is that golden thread of truth running through everything on this web site. Hopefully you may find them of use within your daily life.     

"I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act.  I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act."  

- G.K. Chesterton   


So what exactly is the term Noise to Knowledge really about?

The Noise to Wisdom diagram as defined by Professor Roy D. Follendore III, identifies the fundamental implications of consistently associating symbolic transitions within human communication.  Within this process there are different classes of symbolic transitions that take place in all communications.  The transition can best be described as a line that represents the noise to knowledge transaction process. By maintaining rational consistency between what is to be achieved to what is expected one can represent the best potential system for communicating in terms of not just data and information, but secure contextual knowledge.  This general concept of course sweeps across all domains of human endeavor.  You may want to just enjoy the written and visual material on this website for what it is, but if you do have a desire to understand more of what N2K means to you then perhaps Concerning the Nature of Our Conscious Spirit may be a an excellent place to start.  




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