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Technical N2K Solutions 

Technical solutions are available for establishing a Noise to Knowledge industrial revolution and the tools that are needed currently exist.  Virtual Private Networking (VPN) solutions are not the answer but they can be part of the answer. 

KeyByte and Premonition represent technical solutions that can lead the way, but what ultimately must happen within the engineering community is a fundamental shift of recognition that the design of security systems is always a Noise to Knowledge engineering problem.  If this fact is recognized in the engineering life cycle, solutions can be applied with great advantage and clarity.  If the N2K is ignored in favor of what would otherwise appear as more immediate concerns then the probability that noise will be induced into the engineering process is increased with the greater implication that as a part of a complex system it will eventually fail.   

International N2K standards are required and the process of establishing those standards involved educating engineering academia to think out of the physical connectivity box and about the concepts of rational connectivity. In this section we can only provide potential technical means.   




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