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Transaction Control International, Inc.


TCii was created in 1998 to research, engineer and take economic advantage of the power of what has come to be known as N2K Cryptocommunications theories and concepts created by the inventor and founder Roy D. Follendore III.  

The plan of TCii was to engineer the first N2K dissemination solution as a service and license to Industries, and to Government.  The first product was to be called Premonition and it utilized the KeyByte patented technology which as a prototype was tested and evaluated. 

Premonition is part of a concept that when used will allow normal workstations to not only provide multicompatmented communication, but will allow multilevel real time dynamic filtering of live and stored content.  The invention of this technology means that organizations that must provide content control would now be able to manage the assurance of not only data and information, but also the creation and presentation of knowledge within a single system. The technology was designed to provide a means for authenticated knowledge content content control related to multiple classification sources (Open Source through the highest of classifications depending on the mix of algorithm modules) of data and information across organizations over Intranets, Extranets and the Internet and it works through a unique fusion of AI and Cryptography contained within an externally simple and fast process.  






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