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        Small Miracles

By Roy D. Follendore III
Copyright (c) 1994 RDFollendoreIII
changed August 24, 2008

There once was a church in the mountains,
which sat on a snowy white hill
and people would go to it services
to learn something they felt might be real.

The preacher was a gambling bumbler,
with thick spectacles from which he could see.
until one day he lost the church charity
along with his car and the church key.

Soon orphans were going around hungry,
and widows were left in the cold,
little babies were without their formulas,
older children were left with the old.

But neighbors soon heard the bad story,
so soon they came from close and far wide,
taking care of those young orphans
as a family they worked, side by side.

Old bachelors helped out the old widows,
and in their rush to warm their cold hearts,
soon fell to success of the female cooking
to which they swore they never would part.

Little babies found their working Mothers
with breasts full of nursing sweet milk,
and older children learned about their Grand parents
who thought they were finer than silk.

Now that church sits empty in the mountains,
on that same cold snowy white hill
but the church still holds true believers.
It's the true miracles of God that are real.




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