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Responsibilities of Liberating Invaders

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) RDFollendoreIII

May 5, 2004

Within our American culture it has once again far too easy to forget that victory is an expensive proposition when one is in the face of the fact that defeat is a total loss. There are heavy responsibilities that go along with the ownership of a military victory. When a leader and army is able invade and defeat an enemy, then that leader and that Army becomes not only responsible for his Army but also responsible for the welfare of the conquered population. The responsibility not only extends to the immediate welfare, but into the future and potential welfare. The Greeks understood this problem two thousand years ago and Genghis Khan certainly understood this fact very well by the year 1206.  But since those ancient times there have been varied ideas concerning what the victor should do with a defeated population.

The barriers of doing what is best for a defeated nation are formidable. The underlying reason why control must be turned back over to the local population is because the victor can not be trusted with the burden of victory. What does this mean?

Regardless what we might wish to believe, Governments don't work the way that they are recognized, no matter how well they are advertised.  Attempting to manage a government as though it really works as we think that it should is a strategy for certain failure. A government is not something that can be put on a pedestal and idealized. When you really think of it, governments are not what we think of them at all.  They are organically consolidated forms of tremendous power and for that reason they something to be constantly criticized and controlled. They operate at least as much through personal economics as they do through standards of rules and regulations. This is why worshiping the flag as we did after 911 can be so dangerous. We simply should never be willing assume that our flag embodies the ideals that actually exist.  Civilian democratic vigilance exists at the very core of the security of a nation.

The most problematic thing for a successful invader to assume is the idea that the system of government will fundamentally change. If the local population is to have a say in their future, then all that can be really said is that the victor is bringing the potential for fundamental change.  Culture is always bound up into the ways that human beings cooperate and think. To idealistically overlay an invaders ideals onto a fundamentally different culture creates chaos within the fabric of society. A right to govern must exist at the foundation of a society or the structure that is created will crumble from the weight of responsibility.  The responsibility of an invader extends to the idea that no matter how well a military plan may have been executed, no matter how overwhelmed the enemy may have been, the conclusion of a conquest through conflict always involves the release of responsibility and liability.

If we assume that the invader takes the responsibility of victory to heart and does not resort to genocide or some other form of ethnic cleansing as a solution then the success of victory is tempered with the recognition that the seeds of failure are sown with the release of responsibility and liability. No system for release of governmental responsibility is immune to failure. The underlying notion of the United States Constitutional form of Government is that the perfection of rule and authority simply does not exist. The best form of Government that can be constructed is one that is balanced. The core of responsibility for a successful invader is to understand this fact before the invasion.

There will  always be greed and corruption within governments, just as there are always those politicians who are rotten stewards of the rights of their public.  There are always those who take personal ownership of those powers which they are asked to protect and there are always those who claim the powers of God, just as there are always enough blind followers who are willing to believe because they have little else to believe in. These are simply facts. They are not excuses.  These are the reasons for the necessity of civilian checks and balances on governmental and military powers. Most important, these facts do not have any bearing on the perfection of the victor.  The invading victor is at the same risk of greed and corruption as the invaded.

As long as those in power are able to withhold facts from the general public under the guise of 'national security,' wars will seem to be the most appropriate solution to conflicts. Governmental secrecy breeds corruption because it means self serving oversight.  Moreover, as long as there are those who are willing to publish what they know to be the lies of disinformation 'for the greater good' the facts be slow to rise to the surface.  Conflicting values produce conflicting facts.  The noise of occupation becomes the ultimate enemy of the successful invader.  Because of the obligations of the role, the successful invader is therefore obligated to understand this and have the means to overcome this noise.

The acceptance of truth is price of an invaders victory.  The notion that the victor can simply rewrite history is false. Lies fail simply because lies are failures to come to terms with reality.  Lies need no other justification for failure.  They eventually rise to the surface to become the invaders mirror.

This is the moment for Americans to go back to basics. Our United States Federal government has had and still has no viable plan to fix the problems that which precipitated the horrific injustices that were perpetrated against us on 911.  Our leaders simply chose unleash the dogs of war without attempting understanding the consequences. The ongoing battle against those who perpetrated the 911 attack has come down to a political struggle to remove from public office those who allowed our enemies to attack us.  When the truth is told, the fact is that our American government has not been doing what needed to be done.  Our mirror is that because of our 911 misery and grief, we have chosen to extend misery and grief to other nations for which as invaders we have now become responsible.




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