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1.  Question: Why or how this technology makes sending data over the net faster or how it makes downloading information faster, aside from the statement that "you get only what is intended for you".


Answer: Ah but that is precisely what we mean. The objective is to publish smarter and get to things faster through secure cryptography. When you use Premonition  you get everything you are allowed but are only able to access and see what you are expected to need. This is very different from getting only what you are allowed and only what you are about to see but may or may not need. Premonition publishing allows you to get what you need quickly rather than having to wade through pages that totally depend on the server response time. But you can also take this to another level through the issues of efficiency, which equates to performance because it relates to user time wasted.


2.  Question: Why or how is Premonition more efficient at publishing and distribution of information?


Answer: The whole objective of computers is to leverage greater performance from people. There are three perspectives involved in your next question and they involve waste of time that remains unaccounted. People often get activity mixed up with performance. Results are instantaneous because it is when information pops up on the screen. 99% of CPU cycles are wasted because machines are waiting on people. Most of the average user's time is wasted on the Internet waiting for computers to do something that the user wants. My point is that the need for instant gratification has induced greater inefficiency.


User Perspective: Remember with Premonition you are given control to use cryptography to your benefit. First, from the user perspective you will only have to insert a keydisk, go to the site, and securely see everything you need. You can then punch an icon on your desktop to change the perspective to control what you want to see. The fact is that the issue of browsing and searching for information uses up far more bandwidth than the actual data for the average user. That translates to user time wasted.


Organizational Perspective: When you add in the unaccounted issues related to misinformation and misinformation within an organization the errors that occur make the problem soar. Currently when a company wants to publish specialized, divergent or compartmented information, they have to write separate pages and manage them independently. All of these factors lead to induced errors in communicating information within the organization. That translates to organizational time wasted.


System Perspective: When that information is multi-compartmented and over n dimensions, the number of pages that are required to manage information becomes geometric. All of these pages have to be tracked and updated appropriately and the proper authorizations managed. Often this must be done with completely isolated systems because of security issues related to aggregate access. More servers equate to more wasted management and bandwidth with more user time wasted.



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