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Premonition As a Fundamental General Purpose Tool

 By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright 2000 RDFollendoreIII


Human beings are toolmakers and it is through our creation of tools that we make things that allow us to extend our abilities to make new tools.  The tools that we build extend our speed, our reach, and our senses.  Tools also make tools.  It is through this extended definition of tools and ourselves that we are able to explore our universe.   Some tools may move food across the mountains and others ideas across oceans.  Most tools perform particularly specialized tasks but very few classes of tools are intended to do many different things.

The general-purpose tools can be simple or complex.  The wheel is an example of a simple general-purpose class of tool.  Just as the concept of a wheel is fundamental to many other tools, the computer is also a general-purpose tool.  Computers are sophisticated general-purpose tools used to play games and write reports, calculate a bank account or predict the weather.  Like the invention of the wheel, computers also proliferate as a key component of important tools.  Fundamental tools are universal solutions because they are directed at the philosophical essence of problems.

It is no accident that the technology that I invented and patented is a fundamental tool.  It is a solution to a fundamental mass communication problem, which I first identified in my Masters thesis in 1980.  Contextual control of knowledge presentation is at the heart of the issue and it is through the system called Premonition that we can demonstrate a universal solution for managing the complexities related to the dissemination control of knowledge. 

Premonition and the patented technology are designed to be a universal component as well as an independent product.  Because of this fact, Premonition can be used as a stand alone, off-the-shelf product or elegantly integrated as software, or hardware solutions, which require sophisticated control.  Moreover, Premonition provides a rational, human understandable means of controlling communications between hardware and software without modifying existing enterprise protocols. 

Premonition works through unique cryptographic techniques rather than system address processing in a way that reduces resources and minimizes associated bandwidth.  In addition, Premonition provides authenticated single sign on, multilevel security through a process that is inherently verified, validated, accountable and billable.

Premonition can be used to control presentations containing data, information, and knowledge disseminated across Intranets and the Internet.  Premonition can control devices such as processors, and guide multiple autonomous physical devices through three-dimensional space.  Premonition speed, scalability and flexibility are open-ended and the components can be embedded within software and hardware.  Premonition interaction can be managed from hardware or software and in centralized and decentralized modes.




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