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Security Engineering Practices

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2001  RDFollendoreIII

All Rights Reserved


It is one thing to philosophize Science and another to practice the philosophy.  The proof can be seen in the pudding.  The ultimate practical expression of knowledge exists within implementation. Ideals demand testing or they do not evolve.

If Science is to remain viable then it is forced to expand.  Old Science must make way for the new perspectives.  We must be able to show practical results in order for this growth to happen.  We must be able to test, verify, validate and certify our best practices in order to reach understanding and consensus of mind.

Furthermore from an economic perspective, if Science does not exploit the opportunities then Science can not be sustained. Maintaining a Philosophy for the sake of Science is costly as well as a weak and ineffective academic exercise.  Professors of knowledge might be "good enough" if they can teach the concepts that they profess, but they can only be outstanding if they can practice the philosophy on which concepts is based.   

This is the objective of this area.  






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