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A Personal Perspective...          

What is Eureka all about?

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 1999 RDFollendoreIII

All Rights Reserved


Research does not start with application but with a human and an observation.  You first sense something different or perhaps something that is seemingly the same but perceives it in a slightly different way.  It catches the imagination and through shear attractive reason starts to embed itself to find the foundation of the mind.  I have found that more often than not, the initial process which starts everything is blocked and the subconscious mind grinds and cranks for weeks, months and years to find the right connections.  The urge to go find more information on the subject is there and so you do.  This is definitely not the moment of Eureka.  It feels more like a low threshold pressure that is difficult to describe but is relentlessly there during conscious thought.  

This constant mental effort is not completely controllable and at times it even interferes with conscious interaction, particularly dialogue and conversation with others.  You appear to others as rather stupid or absent minded.  You are preoccupied but it is not necessarily a conscious preoccupation.  It is as though time is being taken from the central processor of a computer, which in a biological way it has.  I have been fortunate to have experienced this on more than one occasion and have found that the breakthrough moment can be a spectacular feeling.   

The moment usually happens for me when I am in a consciously reflective mode of thinking.  It happens when I am at ease, relaxed in a natural environment.  It seems to happen when I am simply observing and thinking about the natural communication that nature brings to us.  As I have said, that moment is quite electrical and it begins to ripple through the brain making connections that seem to have been just waiting to be connected, until the pressure is relieved,  then quite suddenly an electrical surge like a euphoric lightening strike travels down the spine.  This is the moment of Eureka.  What is left is a calm and complete understanding of the taxonomy and how to implement an application.  

It is at this moment that fear ensues.  It is a fear that the mind will somehow lose this profound knowledge before it is captured in writing but the problem is that there is far too much to capture on paper.  I have found that the best solution is to use diagrams and audio recordings for this.  The interesting part of documenting this knowledge seems to be that by capturing the knowledge, it often does not seem necessary to have captured it at all.  The fear that the knowledge would be lost is resolved by an understanding that the moment was real and that real and permanent connections were made that has permanently changed the mind.  

I have obviously considered that the description I have described has many similarities to the act of sex.  Although I will categorically state that they are not the same emotions and the normal physical sexual response is definitely not involved, the implications of similarity that are there.  Like sex, this is a fundamentally creative process of mind and body.  Like sex, it allows the perpetuation and survival of the species.  Like sex it implies an immortal aspect of consciousness.  It is even in many ways an involuntary process, an at least from my perspective, a process which I have learned to trust as part of who I am.  But just as with sex, when I was young I did not understand what was happening and the creation of new ideas and theories felt like an impulsive act which although I enjoyed, I also tried to suppress because I felt it made me different.

What I have found out over years of introspection is that I can no more strangle the theoretical concepts that emerge from the creative urges of my mind than I could strangle my biological urges to propagate my species.  It is who I am and the world will have to accept that because I have to accept that.  It is not always wonderful but it can be wonderful.                 


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