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Embracing Armageddon

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright © by RDFollendoreIII



Rich cults, consumers of irrational fear,

wanted pedigreed blood to possess ancient Israel,

and every grain of sand to be sacrificed

in desperate need to begin blood rivers flowing.

This you believe and want,

because it was written once somewhere and of course,

the words you choose are not yours of course, but God’s.


Rich cults, false prophets,

wanting to befriend every pure Jew

that you may force your ancient prophesy

and to place upon them their last choice

between your Messiah or eternal death.

Only believers of truth are true believers say you,

because it was written somewhere once

and only the true shall witness your Messiah.


Rich cults, impellers of false wealth,

toward ultimate destruction of precious Israel, and this blue earth

delivering up your brown Philistines,

branding Mohammad as the original terrorist,

with your green dollars paying for politicians control.

They are gladly used for their own cause

not because it was written anywhere

or because they are true believers.


Rich cults, aging followers, doubtful faith,

wrinkles of that black veiled doubt, wicked consuming fear.

Have you not believed well enough for your deed,

or do you fear your God’s salvation diminishing?

Do you fear those ancient clues, or simply that history shall pass

without notice of any echo of your personal perfection of God?

Why else be the cause of the Second Messiah,

and be death regardless of the consequence to others?


Rich cults, embracing Armageddon

with your objective the end of all time.

Can Satan wake you from this your hypocritical nightmare…

or is weakness man’s voice all there is to argue against you?

As your actions push past to your final thousand year solution,

as we all rush to administer to your independent ends,

as we each wait for your expected rewards,

shall we not still and deny your version of mankind’s consequences?


Rich cults, devices of modern demons,

expectant readers of ancient prophesy.

Do you think you are the first?

“There are signs that the world is speedily coming to an end.” they said.

These are Assyrian, Essene, Montanist, Donatist thoughts,

each proclaiming the closing stages.

But this time acting, not waiting, you expect to see it through.

Somehow you think genocide cannot be sin if you choose to speak for God.


Rich cults, doomsday sect,

self appointed righteous beings.

How dare you speak of the love of Jesus,

or pronounce your version of God to us?

You who would condemn evil in others,

and are unable to see your own ultimate corruption.

Cast yourself out into that black void of your own making.

Mankind shall not become your personal sacrifice!





Copyright (c) 2001-2007 RDFollendoreIII All Rights Reserved