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Thoughts, Ideas & Reasons For New Social Dynamics Within Our Brave New World 

By Roy D. Follendore III 

Copyright 2000  

Governments are about some body politic or political conspiracy theories set aside. This is a brave new world, but not like the book.  Over generations, society forgets about the reasons decisions in the past were made, and as an immortal body makes the same mistakes repeatedly until something fundamental changes. We made different mistakes yesterday. Having said this, there are however real differences in the conditions and outcomes of the mistakes that affect society today.   

One of the differences is that the world is much smaller than it was because not because of distance but because: 

  • There is no place to where people who must live differently or disagree can easily be displaced; 
  • All places can be instantly reached through communication. Technology has rendered organizational decisions much more difficult to reverse by people. 
  • Through the media, the individual person has more to listen to but fewer and fewer practical choices by wich to live by.  
  • Intolerance is a far greater force than bigotry which to contend. 
  • Laws and the technical tools of law are becoming far more invasive, restrictive and limiting to personal rights.  
  • Reserves of natural resources, including biodiversity are disappearing and we are changing the ability of our ecological system to regenerate.  
  • What things we all have in common involve the competitive nature of a world society that has not come to grips with the dangers that lay within the decisions we make as a human beings. 

The protesters at the World Trade Conference were not able to cohesively articulate their concerns, in part because they were fragmented. But they were also not apathetic about their reasons. They were just unfocused. They left their homes and lives to come together to battle our police in the streets over global causes. Maybe was their statement.




Copyright (c) 2001-2007 RDFollendoreIII All Rights Reserved