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An Administration of Mistakes, Blunders and Lies

By Roy D. Follendore III

September 30, 2005

Donald Sutherland is right. I truly wish that I could say something positive about the George W. Bush administration. I actually voted for the man the first time. I respect the Office of the President and I didn't expect him to blunder in so many ways.  And yes, I do believe that George has blundered. Like most common words that we use in our daily life, the term "blunder" can not be fully appreciated until you take a moment to read the definition. 

 "A blunder is a spectacularly bad decision or action, a mistake or error with detrimental consequences to the party that makes it. It is typically attributable to faulty perception: the result of not reading signs, or misinterpreting available information. Naturally many sensible decisions, which even in retrospect were carefully taken, may also prove disastrous mistakes." wikipedia.org

The prevailing GOP notion that every "conservative" idea is sensible and ever "liberal" idea is not, is what makes the last sentence of this definition so interesting.  I have personally learned distrust the term "conservative" because it invokes that smug "I am right because I don't believe in government perspective" propaganda. In the definitions of deeds it has become "conservative" to do so many things that are flagrantly radically right wing that the term no longer makes any sense.  To the people who really thought highly of the term "conservative," this is destruction of a basic common word in the human language was an expense that America could ill afford. At the very least, a very expensive and unnecessary war is teaching us that there is a tremendous difference between a "wise" and a "conservative" administration, no matter how carefully a "conservative" view may be considered.  The first mistake that President George W. Bush made was to perpetrate the idea that because he considers himself a "compassionate conservative," he is not going to make a blundering .  

Obviously according to this definition of "blunder" there is also a certain amount of luck of foresight indicated with the notion of a blunder. Anyone can blunder so calling Bush a blunderer is not an escape from the reality of history. After all it takes a certain knack for blundering to do it over and over again. Arguably no other President has successfully exhibited his particular knack for blundering through what will be two consecutive terms of office. Of course the Bush admonition does not publicly admit that blunders have been made, because they simply can't until the they sink into total lame duck oblivion.  It is the accounting of Bush blunders which are now being tabulated and there is one prediction which can be made at this point.

Bush bashing will just be beginning to take on a whole new meaning by the time that this administration is over. Historians will be dissecting the decisions that he has made in the clear light of emerging knowledge, not government and political secrecy. Republicans seem to think that this will not matter much. As a lame duck President, Bush is suppose to vanish from the big political scene but no one is sure that this will be the case. This President is continuing to make his blundering marks on our nation and the "conservative" party is so invested in his terrible and costly mistakes, as awful as it may seem, they may well actually go for the election of Dick Chaney as the next President, running with Donald Rumsfeld as the VP.  In their narrow visions what is and is not "conservative," this would assure the American people that the war in Iraq, was not a waste of human lives and suffering. Of course at some point the concept that one has to actually account for what has been bought with those lives will have to come up, but that might seem to be nether here nor there. Americans should hope that reality has struck the right chord by the time the next election rolls around. In this crazy nation of ours, the moment that our troops begin to get killed in combat, nationalism becomes a contest of America's ability to "stick to the plan." To most normal "non-conservatives" Objectively this seems pretty much equivalent to placing ones hand in a hot frying pan and conceiving the realization that doing so has suddenly became a contest that must be won at all costs.

In comparison with the blunders of George W. Bush through his Presidency, history may well view the events of 911 as a relatively minor terrorist incident that was deliberately used to trigger the economic and political downfall of America. George has not been the ONLY reason for this but his decisions have been THE reason. Before I attempt to communicate more about that,  I would first like to qualify some of the background concerning what I mean by this statement.

While there has been a raging war of world economies taking place between the major populated nations and news reporters have been deaf and dumb about it. In the early days of our nation Americans had few sources to obtain news. Mostly it came from newspapers. The simple three station news broadcasts of the 60's and 70's gave way to cable and the Internet news broadcasts of our day. News these days gets to people from a variety of sources and that means a lot of noise.  The blunder by the Bush administration has been that our President has not seen fit to actually lead this nation through legitimate information. Instead of taking the high road to leadership , this President intentionally chose to take advantage of the noise to put across deceptive information about weapons of mass destruction in order to lead our nation into war. 911 was simply the opportunity, not the motive.  It is obvious that 911 set off a series of events that would send a message to the world that America is weak. Historians may never actually know the true motives of Osama Bin Laden or George W. Bush when they planned their attacks and in that way they remain forever linked. Both have reported that they believe that God spoke to them. What we do know now is that Osama and Mr. Bush set into play a predetermined set of events that has weakened and will continue to weaken the foundations and reputation of the United States. By blundering in so many far ranging decisions our President has splintered the relationship of nations, creating unpredictable factions where previously there were none.

Before I move on, let me say one more thing that should be said. The 911 attacks were indeed egregious acts of terror. They were egregious and harmed many thousands of innocent human beings. They dramatically demonstrated America's physical vulnerability to lateral attacks on our infrastructure. But having said this, the deaths and the damage will be seen by history as insignificant to the psychological damage that we Americans have inflicted upon ourselves by that event. They were the triggering event, not the causation of the blundering and costs that we as a nation now face. America could have handled this emergency in far more cost effective, faster and better ways. We didn't. In retrospect, the loss of the physical buildings will be seen as insignificant to those costs we now face. We can and will rebuild on the spot that were harmed during 911 and America will actually benefit from the reconstruction in the process. Of course the loss of humanity of course can never be replaced in any case once it occurred but nothing that we have so far accomplished has those people back. That damage which has since occurred after the moment that the planes crashed, the towers fell and the fires were put out in this country has been caused by our notion of revenge.  It has been the reason for the enduring costs of blunders that have become the greatest problems of our future. 911 will not be seen as the story of the Bush Presidency, it will just blend in to become part of it. It will be the myriad of failed Bush objectives and the consequences of his decisions that will be remembered most by history. Unless the blue sky suddenly prevaisl history will probably go something like this. 

"Obviously, the "faith-based" universe did not turned out as planned by George W. Bush and his administration. His war to set things straight set things wrong. Either by blunder or intent of this Texas oil man, oil prices remain astronomical and unstable. Because of what are now known as the "Bush Blunders," countries no longer respect or accept America's leadership. America not only lost control of oil prices, it also lost control of the Internet and the lead in international decision making. Instead of putting into place experienced diplomats who could be seen as understanding of other nations problems in charge of diplomacy, George W. Bush blundered by putting in confrontational political insiders. Instead of appointing a diplomat able to deal with with the United Nations, Bush blundered again by sending a confrontational insider bureaucrat. Since Bush a landslide of change has been taking place. Countries around the world have been demanding control of the internet, nuclear power and energy infrastructure. Instead of recognizing and utilizing the American scientific infrastructure and innovation, Bush blundered again by arguing conservative religious ideology and acting against scientific programs such as environmental conservation, pollution standards, the protection of species, global warming, NASA space programs, and stem cell research. During the Bush administration America simply rejected the leadership of our planet."

(The 'historical' list goes on and on and this is something else that Bush has in common with Osama.)

The roll of Bush blundering is continuing to be expounded by ultra conservative appointments to the Supreme court where it is sure that religious notions creationism will soon be contested with evolution and where basic human rights issues like a woman's right to abortion will be fought once more. Once again Bush has stuffed this critical organization with insiders. Bush's notorious ideological blunders will be seen by historians as having wrecked America's economy, staggered scientific progress, and set the stage for global confrontations, material shortages, and the destabilization of our society. The greatest political blunder of the Bush administration may well be seen in the fact that the ideology attack and destruction of liberalism also meant the collapse of conservative side of America's philosophical pyramid. This was apparently what the 'neo-conservatives' wanted more than they wanted peace and prosperity.

Perhaps it was the original Bush blunder that compounded itself into the uncontrollable confabulation that we must continue to witness. Historians will discover that the unrestrained political use of modern psychological warfare techniques within our mass media. The political and military genius that succeeded in putting George W. Bush in his position of authority and responsibility invited the use of the same tactics to be used against them.  The conservatives forget that one day they will inevitably lose control of the reins of power.  A 'thermodynamic law' of political stability that future historians may find works just as well for political and military conflict as it does for physics. When a political, economic or military organization uses uncalculated power, that power tends to be used against them. The blunderbuss costs of the Bush administration expands into the future of America are sure to reverberate into many generations to come. If the middle majority are able to secure the balance of authority from the conservative ideologues then perhaps America's future may begin to recover.  If not then the historical perspective can be none other than that of a dark American future. America must recover from near sighted conservatives or America will stagger from a recession, a depression and conflict.  America is not 'the chosen' country that determines the fate of this planet. This was the the message we 'conservatives' should have understood when the "World Trade Center" was chosen to be destroyed. It is too bad that there were no liberals able to interpret it for us sooner.  

Finally there is this... The "conservative" view of our universe seems to be based on either mechanical or "faith based" reasoning. In other words, our President's decision making seems to have either involved closed off thinking or is filled completely without material substance. In religious matters there is not much there to evaluate. Of course the Bible is about stories that are chucked full of human blunders but it is also a quagmire of religious rhetoric.  Perhaps we might gain greater deal of insight into a traumatic mechanical device that very likely changed the notion of mortality for our President. The F-104 was an incredibly fast, high flying interceptor of its day. It was essentially an arrow loaded with air to air rockets, and stubs for wings, imparting the inherent weakness on the pilot that any indecision becomes a weakness of paralysis because once fully committed to close fighting it is a weapons system that can be unstable and incapable of appropriately changing course and direction. As a weapons system the F-104 and pilot became unstable in rapid combat maneuvers and for this reason it had an appallingly poor safety record. Perhaps if we were to have simply taken a look at the characteristics of principle aircraft that our President was trained to fly in peaceful skies while in the Air National Guard, we might have gained a better insight into the kinds of strategic and tactical blunders George W. Bush was oriented to make while "piloting" our nation.                    




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