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Welcome to the year


It is now 2007, the pendulum of America has finally moved. A new majority in Congress has been elected at a difficult time in our history. Our country is less safe than immediately after 911. We have far more enemies who hate us. The United State remains in a state of mess. There continues to be a perpetual and pointless state of war being lead by those who now acknowledge that they do not have solutions to nebulous justifications which they gave for causing it. The plan is to put more and more troops into the occupation of other countries containing millions upon millions of citizens that simply do not want us there. At a point where the technological capabilities of third world countries are quickly becoming nuclear our Army is wearing out. Our military policy of shock and awe is no longer so inspiring and we are forced into an exit role of placation and appeasement.  Perhaps reason can prevail over hate and rampant nationalism but given the rigid posture that we have so foolishly put ourselves and others into, what will be the costs? One day in the future the decisions that have been made will be looked at with historical hindsight. Until that time the issues of 2007 are the place where opportunities and catastrophes will be born anew. 

It is my hope that my writings will continue offer you the opportunity to think about some of genuine things that need to be considered.

Roy D. Follendore III  



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