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Welcome to 2004 Issues, Opinions and Essays

By Roy D. Follendore III


When I began writing these essays, my intent was to write mostly about the qualities of daily life.I enjoy humor and satire. My writing usually has a thought provoking twist. What I did not understand when I began was that our civilization and its base motives would change so rapidly.  

I felt the need to write about injustice and the stupidity into which we are being driven. To be perfectly frank, I have not enjoyed writing many of the essays that I felt so compelled to write.  They drain me.  What I do know is that some days I find it far more difficult to write than others. Perhaps it is true that less is more.  

But then again, this is an election year. It will determine if America continues to follow the path taken over the next four years.  There are enormous issues involved. I would hope that we Americans have learned something.  This year will definitely be interesting.  There will be so much to say.  

Keep reading Issues and Essays and I shall keep writing.


Roy D. Follendore III




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